Personalized Wellness Programs For Active People Like You


Combining Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine with Therapeutic Yoga & Massage Vishāl Offers Personalized Wellness Programs for ACTIVE PEOPLE Like You.

Active people are accustomed to feeling lively, energetic, vigorous and full of life. They strive to thrive, to maintain their vitality, to prosper; they expect to enjoy a long life.

Vishāl understands that it is particularly frustrating for people on the go when they are slowed down, sidelined or otherwise impeded by pain or other medical conditions that diminish the quality of their lives.

Experience the Difference: A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach

Leveraging his medical knowledge and training, Vishāl has pioneered the system of utilizing Therapeutic Yoga & Massage both as a diagnostic technique and also as a highly effective alternative to traditional physical therapy. Many patients have experienced rapid recovery times from illnesses or injuries with this comprehensive, integrated approach. 

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A Personalized Wellness Program That Empowers You

VISHĀL offers you a Personalized Wellness Program as your licensed, primary health care provider or as a complementary service to your current health care providers. The choice is yours.