Vishāl has been a partner in healing for me providing acupuncture, massage therapy, and herbal medicine. His creative use of exceptional energetic wisdom and technical knowledge assists me in connecting with my own inner healing power. Working together, I feel healthier and stronger now than at any time in my life!

- Sharon Elliott, Manager at University of California Berkeley


Vishāl is a remarkable healer. I was given a gift certificate for his massage therapy practice many years ago. He did a super job in providing minor pain relief and relaxation during our session; and I have returned many times since then. I learned many life changing yoga asanas and ideas from him. He has integrity, which I greatly admire. We have since become friends.

- Eunice Woo, Supervisor IT Field Services UCSF


Vishāl is an extremely talented acupuncturist and massage therapist.  We have worked side by side for over five years and he has helped many of my patients resolve medical conditions.  He has an innate ability to hone in on the causes of pain and imbalance and through his masterful touch is able to provide significant results quickly.  He is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him time and time again.  

- Dr. Bruce Del Fante, Owner Piedmont Chiropractic


The best massage therapist on the planet.

- Lorraine Okun Nogee, Graphic Designer at Evelyn Rubenstein JCC Houston


Vishāl is really great at what he does. He has many talents and they all show in his work. He has the ability to really listen and be present. In that, he gets to the bottom of what is out of balance in my body and uses many different methods/modalities to bring that balance back. He always seems to know what is going to help most that day and after the session is over, I feel better freedom, vitality, and strength from within.

Besides his bodywork and knowledge of herbal medicine, he is a wonderful yoga and meditation teacher. He sometimes uses asana as part of his sessions. Being in a restorative or yin position while receiving treatment is so wonderful. Some of the pranayama techniques he has taught me I have continued to practice on a daily basis and they have changed my life.

What a wise healer and wonderful person to be around!

- Torrey Trover LMT/Certified Rolfer/Yoga Teacher


I had a severe imbalance in my body that manifested in lots of dietary restrictions.  I credit Vishāl for helping me to resolve this illness.  I am now able to eat all the foods that caused adverse reactions.  Vishāl is very knowledgeable in several healing modalities. It's like you get to see five different therapists in one!  Would highly recommend Vishāl!

- Kelly S.


Vishāl is an excellent Acupuncturist and massage therapist. I saw him recently for a surfing accident on my shoulder, as well as being sick. He did some soft tissue muscle manipulation on my shoulder as well as acupuncture, that both reduced my pain and increased my range of motion in my shoulder. He also addressed a chronic digestive issue of mine, that I felt instant relief from. His knowledge of the body, lifestyle counseling, and energy is astounding. The level of different healing modalities he utilizes in his practice are amazing, as well as the quality of his work.

I'm very grateful for his work and the joy he exudes while he helps. Vishāl is a delight to get therapy from, helping with everything from lifestyle and mental problems, to physical issues using herbs and massage, all the way to deeper energetic issues. I highly recommend him.

- Severin S.


Vishāl’s experience as a professional massage therapist and energy healer really shines through in his work as a primary care provider and Acupuncturist. His knowledge of the body, energy systems, and lifestyle counseling is top notch. After a session with Vishāl, I felt renewed and balanced and clear about which steps I need to take on my own to progress on my path to health.

- Kristen Swegles. MS, L.Ac.


Vishāl is a very gifted healer and practitioner. He understands the body, mind and spirit in a very unique and genius way and uses this vast knowledge to bring about profound and lasting healing. Highly, highly recommend him.

- Amber B.


Vishāl is a very talented massage therapist and licensed acupuncturist. I'm a competitive age group runner and I see Vishāl every other week (mostly for massage) to recover from hard workouts and to work on tight areas before they become a problem. His ability to combine massage with acupuncture and cupping as needed make him a very unique therapist.

Vishāl pairs strong knowledge of anatomy, great technique and deep tissue massage with peaceful surroundings for an overall enjoyable and effective experience. Go see Vishāl -- you will be very glad you did!

- Jeff D.


Vishāl is an exceptional and knowledgeable healer; his energy is calm, positive and extremely healing. Vishāl works in a way like no other acupuncturist I have ever been to. He not only uses needles, but incorporates reiki, cranial sacral and yoga movements to one’s session, making it an exceptional healing session.

Thank you Vishāl for being part of our wellness community…

- Sandra Sphar, Owner at Mariposa Health


Vishāl is so skillful with Tui-Na massage and acupuncture. He is very experienced and intuitive. A real treat to receive treatment from him! Highly recommended!

- Yi Y.


I have been receiving acupuncture from Vishāl to treat acute and chronic pain. I am a competitive tennis player/cyclist and Rolfer Structural Integrator. I cannot work nor compete at my best when I am in constant pain. Vishāl has given me total relief from numerous joint pains in my knees, shoulders, wrists and elbows. I appreciate that Vishāl incorporates yoga and massage therapy in his acupuncture practice. Vishāl is kind, empathetic, positive, compassionate and knowledgeable.

- Arthur Gillespie LMT, Certified Rolfer


I have been an on going client of Vishāl for some years now. He has a gift of being able to tap into the root cause of trauma or physical pain. He has many modalities that he is capable of practicing and has amazing insightfulness and wisdom of the human body. He has the strength of touch to hold trigger points and also can be extremely gentle.

- Kim London LMT


Acupuncturist really does not do justice to Vishāl 's approach. His knowledge of many forms of treatment and commitment to the overall health and energy of his patient is exceptional. I started visiting him after a bout of meningitis and a number of health problems. He has conscientiously nursed me back to health and wellness, teaching me to take a completely different view of my health and how I treat my body.

He is also fun, intelligent and kind, which make him great fun to hang out with while he helps you get where you need to go.

Go see him.

- C.N. 

Vishāl exemplifies the active life that we also enjoy. He has an astonishing balance of superb physical fitness, centeredness, equanimity, composure, and also a great sense of humor, which we truly appreciate. His presence alone has allowed us to attune to a new, heightened sense of wellness and a zest for living.

- R&A S.